… And some times it is not the intention to be¬†an entrepreneur, but you are lead there by the fate. Enjoy reading:



The article is in Swedish, I will add a summery comment in English later on ūüôā

I read an interesting article in The New York Times:


I think it is a trend that is far away from changing its direction of increasing. But does the online marketing  make it easier to make business? Or is it the opposite, since it is easy to enter the market the competition gets higher and higher and thus it is more difficult to survive? Possibly is a little bit of each?

I started working at a company that I found interesting. Today I want to share my experience with you. The company is called Fyndiq and there are two parts that I would like to share with you from this work. Firstly, the business idea. Fyndiq has no own products. It is a well-known platform, or website, in which merchants can integrate their web shops. Merchants are happy to be part of Fyndiq because their products reach customers without making own advertisements. Good for merchants, good for the end customers and good for Fyndiq.

The second point I would like to share with you is the way Fyndiq treats their employees. It is much about having fun at the job. Can you imagine a work where you can take a break the time you find appropriate to play ping-pong, billiard, play-station, table football and many other games?

For me, it is very inspiring way about how a company may invest their employees. It is not about to stress them with strict rules to force them achieve as many tasks as possible. It is rather about finding a good way to bring up their creativity.

Unfortunately I will work there until July and then I leave.