Hi everyone

I would like to share a nice place with you if you ever go to Oslo – it is called MESH and is a co-working space/startup hub.

If you like sup46 or Epicenter in Stockholm, you will most certainly feel at home at MESH. It is the first co-working space in Oslo, and has become the leading independent initiative for Norwegian entrepreneurs. They have a huge office space (10 000 m2) in the heart of Oslo for entrepreneurs and mature companies to work, network and socialize

There is different memberships, either you get your own office space for your company or you take part in one of the flexible spaces. There is also a café and a bar, and lots of events and meetups! A very inspiring place to sit and work or mingle with people, every time I go to Oslo I try to spend as much time here as possible.



I would like to share my experience of being part of the Stockholm biohacking community. Last summer I implanted an 880 byte 13.56 MHz NFC chip in my left hand. It was nothing planned but happened one afternoon when I attended a biohacking event at Epicenter, an innovative environment and flexible office space for startups, and listened to Hannes Sjöblad talking about microchips and I felt “Hey, why not?”. 30 minutes later I had a chip under my skin, and just like that, I became a cyborg.

The biohacking community in Stockholm is fairly strong, compared to other countries where there seems to be a generally bigger skepticism towards this kind of human-technology interaction. With Hannes Sjöblad (Epicenter) as front person, there are seminars and meetups dedicated to biohacking. Being an early adopter of experimentation with emerging technology, Hannes calls himself a biohacker activist.

So, what can the microchip implant be used for? I am able to use it whenever there is a NFC card reader, meaning an entrance where one’s card doesn’t have to be swiped but just blipped. I can also use it as tiny storage, for example keeping my business card or Linkedin-link (even funny videos or other unnecessary stuff). SJ (Swedish train company) also support the chip technology for tickets, as well as several gyms and airlines. In the future, the chip will hopefully substitute both wallet and keys. But to be honest, I got it out of curiosity and just for fun, the small scar reminds me not to be afraid of trying new things and always keeping my passion for tech and innovations. Also, it’s a great ice breaker!

Right after I had the chip implanted. Now there is just a tiny scar. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 08.48.33