Good evening folks,

Last week hosted several start-up meetings and events, and I though I would give a short review of each of them.

Tuesdag was the day of the Sthlm Tech Meetup, at Hilton Slussen. It was really crowded, not a chance to get a seat. The guest companies/investors this time among others included Bonnier Growth Media, a branch within the Bonnier Group relating to transform the editorial material to the new media landscape, briefly explained. Myself being a journalist since many years, working closely with especially Bonnier Magazines Group, it was sort of a nice touch to the evening. One of their main things to start is the KIT digital media platform, co-founded by a friend of mine, Robert Brännström. (Who unfortunately wasn’t present on the event…)

Other than that, there were three pitches presented, two of which included (remarkably similar) dating app services. And frankly, they both felt like less good competitors to Tinder, and not genuinely great ideas, to my mind. The third aimed to be some sort of Spotify service for images, but that also seemed to have a long way to be a worldwide success.

Thursday I attended a start-up event at familiar ground, here at KTH, where the Student Incubator (Student Inc) had a housewarming party in their new location at Lindstedtsvägen. A really nice place to mingle, have a beer and have a chat with one of the start-ups that have come out of KTH.

Oh, and the week before that, which I have forgotten to blog about, the startup event Uppstart, at the castle of Uppsala (my hometown) took place. A bit of a distance to travel, sure, but several of my friends in Uppsala University organisation Entrepreneurs Academy were present. However, not as crowded as the Tech Meetup… but maybe next time! 🙂

Right now, and this entire week, I am away on an industrial design engineering workshop/conference in Värnamo, in the southern part of Sweden. People from several schools, including KTH, Linneaus University and Jönköping University, gather for a week’s work and business cooperation. Hopefully plenty of good ideas will come out of this. Or, wait… They already have.

Therefore, you will not see me until next week. Have a good time back in Estocolmo!


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