Last evening, I join some friends to go for dinner at Vapiano  restaurant. It sounded great but I didn’t know this restaurant except that you can eat Pizza – an italian restaurant. You’ll may laugh at me to have never been be there but I would like to share my experience with you.

When I arrived there, I realized that it was so much more than a simple restaurant.

You come in an amazing place where you can be served at the individual station at the middle of Vapiano, people are sitting around long oak tables which are open to communication, there are long bar to have a break after the dinner, ….

“Chi va piano va sano e va lontano – world wide.” : According to an italian proverb “If you have an easy-going and relaxed approach to life, you’ll live more healthily and longer”

So, when you arrive, the waiter/waitress give you your personal smart-card. This card will register all the dishes you will take during your dinner. At the end of the night, you just have to give this card and pay with you credit card. Then, if you have to wait for a table because of there is too many people in the restaurant, they give you a casing which will ring when a table will be available. And what is amazing, it is that you don’t have to wait at the entrance, but you can go in and have a drink at the bar with your friend.  Moreover, it is a self service, so with your card, you can go to the differents individual station :

  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Antipasta
  • Specials
  • Bar
  • Deserts

When your order is made, you go back to discuss with your friends at the table and wait the ringing of the casing when your dish is ready to savor.

Thus, you can’t expect to wait at you table that the waitress/waiter serve you is this type of restaurant. It looks like a self service canteen and we can forget the traditional restaurant. But I think it is a wonderful system, because the guests can see all the ingredients, how its cook and if its seem to be fresh. Everyone can have his meal prepared to his own personal preference.

To conclude, the inventor of this chaine cumble the clients’ needs and developped his idea all over the world. People trust food, are not annoyed by the receipt and just enjoy their meal in Vapiano.

I liked it !


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16 Thoughts on “Vapiano

  1. Looks very nice Lisa! 🙂
    Anyone fancy doing a ME2603 team building dinner there sometime?

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