I was intrigued when watching Eric Ries video on YouTube “The Lean Startup”. I have never before heard or thought about the possibility of creating a science of entrepreneurship, and how he compered a startup to an experiment was an interesting new way of looking at it. The resemblance between this two is staggering. To me it has always been this way, when trying to create an idea or developing others ideas. So after he pointed out in the video how you can think about a startup, I have not been able to can get it of my mind.


Each time I have tried to startup a company it has been an experiment in most ways, and I have never been able to predict the outcome, even though I have head most of the information at hand. This is why I agreed that it must be smarter to be more adaptive early on in the process, because as it is for an experiment it gets harder to do “The Pivot” the further on you have come.


Someone in class mentioned early on in the course of a Ted video, “The single biggest reason why startups succeed” by Bill Gross. In this video the conclusion of Bill Gross talk is that timing is the most important aspect of a startup. Even though he had several other aspects of a startup that you would have thought would have a more significant effect of the outcome of the startup in his research, such as the idea itself.


What I find interesting with both of these videos is that they have more or less similar thoughts on how startups could be better; It does not matter if you have a brilliant team or idea, if you can not adapt to your ever changing surroundings, and use it to your advantage.


Eric Ries talk, “The Lean Startup”



Bill Gross talk, “The single biggest reason why startups succeed”


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One Thought on “Late comment on “The Lean Startup” video

  1. Linda Nilsson Linda Nilsson on October 11, 2015 at 6:55 pm said:

    I wrote a blog post earlier on the Bill Gross video and I also like it 🙂 Your comparison is nice, here’s a link that sums up many aspects of lean startups:


    It’s a Business Harvard Review that discusses the rise of lean in the start-up community, how it has effected the market and it’s next steps of implementation in the intopreneur- perspective in large organisations:)

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