I joined Armada and got accepted as a career fair host. I wanted to share with you my experience.

IMG_20151117_162911 One of the main reasons I joined was to be able to meet Swedish students. I had found it hard to get to know any Swedish because in our program we don’t have any. I had also seen that based on interviews with over 21,000 expats in 39 countries, Sweden was named “the worse country for making friends“.  It has been the first year since 1981 that Armada accepted international students and focused on diversity therefore I thought it was a good opportunity to get integrated.

The second main reason was to get to know new companies and be able to do networking.

I got in a group of 12 students and got assigned the company Erasteel Kloster. I did not know about the company before but I looked for information online. Sadly it wasn’t related to my field of study but I still felt it was a great opportunity, get to talk to experienced professional people. Other students from my group did get companies which I was more interested on, such as Intel or Cybercom. I also had the opportunity to meet them before the fair.

It is important to expand your network of contacts because your chances of securing a job increase considerably and at the same time it is nice to get to know new people and get advice and help about your future.

I also applied for a personal meeting with the company Semcon and got accepted. I had seen in their webpage that they focused a lot on innovation and new technologies and I wanted to know more about it. During the talk, the interviewer explained me about the way they offer their Master thesis (you can make a proposal and work on your own idea. “We’re always looking for bright and innovative ideas that can be developed together with students”).I believe it can be a good choice if you have an idea and would like to work on it. 

During the fair I got to know a lot of students and company representants.  I was very lucky because the people that came from my company were great and now I have them as contact on LinkedIn. Also my Armada group was very friendly and always spoke in English so that the few internationals could always understand, some of us have even met outside the armada events. 

 I would totally recomend to join any of the different organizations inside KTH and get to know new people and interact with companies.  

As Martin Duursma( VP Citrix Labs & CTO Office Chair said:

“Innovation, more and more is a social activity. It occurs at the edges between teams, when people collide in unexpected places, to spark new ideas”

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3 Thoughts on “Experience as a career fair host in Armada

  1. Safayat Hakim on November 20, 2015 at 11:29 pm said:

    I really missed doing stuff like you. I applied late to be a volunteer host. After seeing you and Bilal in the fair, it felt nice that our classmates are there as hosts. Next time, I hope I would be proactive in this regard. I think, missing regular classes for such a program is 100% legit. In the end, what matters is trying new things.

  2. First of all I want to say that I am so jelous of your expirience. I really wanted to join Armada but when I got information about What Armada was, it was too late to apply.

    Secondly, Congratulations! The Armada team did a great job and worked hard to organise all the actvities. I really enjoyed all the talks I went to and it was really useful talking with the different companies.

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