Today, I took part in the Startup day event organized by the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. It is an event that gathers a thousand people(founders, entrepreneurs, students, VCs, press……) for a full day of eclectic startup inspiration and once-in-a-year networking.


Thanks to this event, I got a chance to listen to many impressive speeches given by some infamous and successful entrepreneurs. The co-founder of Klarna,Niklas Adalberth, talked about how hard-working and lucky he was on the way to make Klarna a billion-dollar Unicorn and now they are devoting to charity to make this world a better place. The Chief Coffee Drinker, York Zucchi, impressed us with his sense of humor and also shared his experience in building startup in emerging market like Africa. Besides, Professor in KTH, Danica Kragic Jensfelt, talked about how robot is changing our life. There were many other amazing speeches and experience-sharing from which I got more or less inspirations.


But there was one speech impressing me the most. It was given by Natalia Brzezinski, who is the CEO of ymposium Stockholm, a feminist as she addressed herself, and to me a really good story teller.

She started her story with story between her daughter and herself. She was born and raised in USA, where people are taught to always be the best. When she moved to Stockholm with her Husband and her 3-year old daughter, She said to her daughter to always be the best at school as that was what she believed in at that time. But Graudually , she found out it was not the same situation here in Sweden. Not like in America, here in Stockholm, no one is the best. She started to feel it and figured out that this was exactly the secret of success in Sweden.

Stockholm is a symbol for new leadership models, new definitions of success and community, and a path -breaker in connecting people around exciting concepts. Entrepreneurs in Sweden,  push  themselves to boundaries and always reach the future first.  This is why Sweden becomes the most creative country and Stockholm becomes a dream place for new ideas and startups.  Think big. Dare to fail. Get out of your comfort zone. This is entrepreneurial spirit all about.


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13 Thoughts on “My impression about Startup day (April 23rd) in Stockholm

  1. Avatar Fresa on April 24, 2016 at 7:04 pm said:

    Think big. Dare to fail. Get out of your comfort zone. Thanks a lot for sharing entrepreneurial spirit.

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