“The best way to know the future is simply to create it”. With these words, we started the fashion hackathon, or”Fashathon”, while determined to come up with the next big thing for fashion in a weekend. However, unlike any other hackathon focusing on wearables, this one focused on fashion as well as the technology, basically where both marry and give a glimpse to the future of fashion.

Organized by Swedish Fashion Council and Future Fashion, the Fashathon had participants from the Fashion industry such as H&M, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Lazoschmidl, and Demoy, as well as tech designers and developers from Bontouch, Neue Labs, Apple, and Flextronix.


Possibilities to improve fashion are endless, but the key is to find a humanitarian ingredient in the mix. Integrating technology without compromising the practicality of the style was one of the main challenges.

You might not want to wear a Tron suit to your work just because you want to wear it in your night party. Yet, how cool would it be to turn to one whenever you want? Our team’s designer from Uniforms for the Dedicated, Rasmus Wingårdh, had this idea in mind, and wanted to find a solution for biking in the night time, when he is riding his bike to the party he is DJing at. Together with Rasmus, our team consisting of Siyu Du, Viola Bazanye, and myself from KTH, worked to bring the idea one closer step to reality.

Cycling in the night makes a significant number of road accidents cause by poor visibility of the drivers, and Rasmus wanted to tackle this by having a suit that lights in the night time and triggers a blinking signal when the cyclist gestures a turn. At a first glance, the idea might seems already in the market, but the important element here is that the lights are integrated to any piece of clothing, and are not visible when they are not in use, ensuring that the idea remains fashionable despite the use of wearable technology.


Rasmus Wingårdh from Uniforms for the Dedicated during the final exhibition. Photo Courtesy of Siyu Du


Additionally, the lights can have other purposes, such as turning to colorful lights that switch with the rhythm of the music when set on “Party mode”, or to red lights signaling asking for safety when in “Danger mode”.



“Night Light” was what Rasmus named the idea, turning “Uniforms for the dedicated” to “Unicorns for the Devastated”. Photo Courtesy of Future Fashion. Inc.

This montage by my awesome teammate Siyu highlights the concept of Night Light. You can check Siyu’s blog for a wider coverage of the event, in both its first and second days.

Participating in this hackathon was valuable in terms of networking with dreamers and makers to turn ideas to reality, as well as in terms of wine 😉

Later on, the organizers will meet individually with the teams to help taking the projects to their next step.

Liked it? Why not to share then?

113 Thoughts on “Lighting Up the Fashathon

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