The event that I have attended this morning was indeed inspiring and interesting. All of the speakers had failed several times before achieving their success. The speakers were:

  • Andreas Vural, Founder, and President – Happy Plugs
  • Emilia de Poret, Singer, Author & Entrepreneur
  • Peder Dinkelspiel, Founder and CEO at FoodFriends

The event started with Andreas, Emilia and Peder sharing about what kind of f*cked up businesses they have encountered before they became who they are as of today. Here is a brief background of what they do:

  • Happy Plugs – is a Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand that brings color to the world. It is a tech accessory –ear plug that not only fit your device but also your outfit.
  • Emilia de Poret – is a true multi-talent including being a singer (she has been the open act for Katy Perry), TV-presenter, music production company owner, author, blogger, pod-caster and entrepreneur. She strongly believes in constantly moving forward and always challenges herself to develop believing that “the worse thing that can happen is that you fail and that failure will make you stronger”.
  • FoodFriends – is an online tool for restaurants. It is a desktop management that helps to facilitate online booking and scheduling of apps to employees.

Key takeaways that I have taken from them were:

  • Always start your startups/businesses in local before entering into the global market. Have a good foundation that is being set appropriately and steadily before venturing out.
  • There is never a straight forward and smooth journey to success without encountering any failures. Failures can be good as it spurs oneself to learn from these mistakes and make oneself to be positive and stronger. Therefore, it is good to keep trying and fail but never fail to try.
  • Finding the right team players to partner with in a startup/business is important and necessary for the success of your business. It is not advisable to have the mentally of “Ensam är stark” means”Alone you are strong”, there will always be someone that has a much better idea than yours, no harm having more than just one idea. Additionally, to find the right partner, you can start from finding people who you have known for years that includes your siblings, your spouses, and even your close friends. Having a partner who you find comfortable to work with will definitely create a positive and great working environment to achieve your goals.
  • Focus on one thing at a time rather than spending your focus on so many things.
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10 Thoughts on “Takeaways from the “F*ckUp Morning Stockholm III” event on 17th May 2016

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