On Tuesday 17th May, I attended an event named “Fuckup morning #3”. The event was at 8am, early in the morning, but what I have learned from it is indeed invaluable and worth the pain of waking up early. As the name “Fuckup morning” implies, the event was about three successful entrepreneurs who have been gone through several failures and obstacles in their lives, specifically lives as entrepreneurs.

The event started with Andreas Vural, Founder and CEO of Happy Plugs, sharing the obstacles he faced until the day he finally found Happy Plugs. Andreas’ first fuckup story begins in cold winter when he tried to invent tangle free earphones. The first 50,000 earphones he created froze and broke due to the weather. Once he settled the freezing issue, Andreas failed to create right earphones many times again. Now, Happy Plugs sells 1 headphone and expects to double the sales this year. Andreas mentioned that he started the business locally in Sweden with further international expansion plans because he believes that having a strong base in Sweden is important before expanding to other countries.

The second speaker was Emilia De Poret, the most inspiring woman I have ever listened to. She started the speech by saying, “Whenever I fuck up or face failure, I will immediately turn it into positivity.” As a singer, entrepreneur, author, and mother of 2 kids all at the same time, she had felt that she was f*cked up for 3 times in her life.

1st f*ckup moment: When she failed from embarking on her career as a singer.

As Emilia enjoyed singing and performing on stages, she has been dreaming of being a singer. With great opportunities, she filmed music videos in United States and was thinking that it is finally her chance to become a pop star/singer until one day she realized that no one has been calling her for music videos and she suddenly got fired from her dream job. From the depression caused by this, she locked herself in her apartment for 2 weeks and ate ice cream nonstop. Fortunately, after 2 weeks of depression, she moved on and decided that she will always be in control of herself instead of working for anyone.

2nd f*ckup moment: When she got pregnant.

Emilia thought that her professions have all come to an end when she got pregnant. However, having a baby made her a better person both personally and professionally. She also learned how to say no and to choose right opportunities among tons of opportunities given to her.

3rd f*ckup moment: When she thought that working alone is the best.

Being an independent and confident woman, Emilia always thought that working alone is the best for herself and her business. However, she realized that this is wrong when she found a partner who is an inspiring, passionate and strong woman just like her and they have been working together perfectly until now.

Emilia ended the speech by encouraging all of us to have a right posture and clothing as those give us confidence.

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