We’ve had the opportunity to meet up and have a short interview with a young Stockholm entrepreneur – Fillipe – about his work, his driving forces and his tips to others aspiring to build their own startup.


who are you and what do you work with?

I am a 28 years old Brazilian living in Stockholm för the past 8 years. As a person I don’t see much limits. I like to take risks when needed. Right now I’m the COO of TopGrade, a startup company in the private teaching sector. We focus on math for high school students.

how come you became an entrepreneur?

Probably because of the need I have to work for myself, to learn daily and to be active in the decision making process. The holistic view of the business gives me the knowledge required to effectively expand the business and keep our quality standards.

what’s entrepreneurship to you?

Entrepreneurship for me is that risk taking attitude when for example testing a new idea, it is the joy of not taking the same old track that already has been explored.

what are crucial things to think about before you start your own company or join a startup?

Think about the financing. That’s a good way to avoid been forced to choose “B” when you really think that “C” is the best option, but you cant pay for C. Another thing, tell to your loved ones what you are doing. You most likely will need the support from your friends and family. Don’t forget them.

what’s the funniest part of your work?

Making mistakes. For too long we’ve been taught that is bad to make mistakes – but what I’ve seen is that they are not only necessary, but most of the time quite funny as well.

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