The concept of Presence has been playing a big role in my life for the last few years. I first got in touch with it by reading books on meditation. At first glance, this has nothing to do with Entrepreneurship and might sound like a more spiritual idea, but stick with me here.

The word “Presence” basically just means “The state of being at at particular place”. This can apply to both physical as well as mental presence. In this post I will cover three areas, that are all connected to your personal development as an Entrepreneur.

Physical Presence

If you want to achieve something then go to places where people have the same goal. Your body and mind adhere to the laws of physics. They have momentum and will not start to move unless an outside force is applied. So the easiest way to make your mind engaged in an activity is to start moving your body to places where the primary goal is to do the same things you want to do. That way your subconscious will feel two things:

  1. You took the first step in a certain direction. That builds positive momentum.
  2. All the people around are talking about the same thing. So simply by feeling the social pressure your mind will feel more engaged in that certain topic.

This really applies to anything from Start-up Events to the gym. You become the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most. So choose wisely how you spend your time and do your best to network with people that are on the same path as you.

Mental Presence

Being in a certain location with your body is the first step, but if your mind is not on the same team as you, nothing fruitful will come from it.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who didn’t seem too interested? Maybe they kept checking their phone or something like that? How did that feel? Probably not so good.

This is the mental state most people operate in throughout their lives. The mind wanders and thinks about everything except what’s happening in the present moment. When you talk with someone without fully committing your attention to the conversation the other person will feel it and you will never be able to create a true connection. Keith Ferrazzi sais in his book “Never Eat Alone”:

It is not about how many people you know. It is important to build a connection with them so that you could call them at any time and they pick up the phone with a smile on their face, ready to do you a favor.

With your mind constantly on autopilot and thinking about all sorts of things, your conversation partner will not feel as engaged, compared to if you paid them full attention. Therefore being present to the moment is such an important skill to have and is also why I started meditating a long while ago. It really improves your own experience of the world and also the one others have with you.

Presence also teaches you to be more self-confident and relaxed. A very important trade that can make you unshakable to setbacks and criticism, while still beeing open to feedback. When you are present there is no thought, which means there is no fear. So nothing stops you from going up to any person and introducing yourself. Getting grounded in your own sense of self is very empowering and others will feel it radiating off of you.

Presence in people’s awareness

Which brings me to my last point: Other people’s perception of you. This is extremely important in marketing, as we noticed during our coffee sales. Making people aware of your presence is absolutely key. You could have the best offer in the world, if no one knows about it, they will not buy from you. That’s why companies spend huge amounts of money on advertisement, just to stay in the public awareness. Because disappearing from the minds of the people is deadly for a company.

People feel more comfortable with buying something they already know. It is psychologically proven, that simply having heard of a brand name or product makes people more likely to buy it compared to another product they have not heard of before. Even though they know nothing about the quality of either of them. This is called the familiarity bias.

That would be the reason why Serdar makes us do the blogging and use Twitter and LinkedIn. To teach us to use social media and create our own brand. Because simply having read your name before could make the difference for some HR person to hire you or someone else. And obviously, start-ups also want people who they perceive as active and engaged.

So when you walk through your life today … be present! Go to places that are in alignment with your goals. Bring your mind to the present moment and promote yourself so people know what you have to offer.

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