Earlier this week I went to the Stockholm Lounge Hack, an event series which has been going on for years. They are a group of entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs meeting weekly in order to “hack”. According to the oganizers quite some startups have spent their initial time there. In the past years employees and founders from well know (former) startups like Spotify, Google, Facebook and Dropbox have attended the meetings.


“The idea is to spend time every week on your own project or idea to make it real and at the same time meet new friends that either have the connections or the knowledge you need – also to be helpful and share your own knowledge.”

So I went there with the intention to work on our venture idea for the entrepreneurship course. At first I totally got caught up in discussions with other founders though! So many interesting ideas and people!


But then everybody got really productive and also I made quite some good progress with the idea/project. (We will certainly cover that in more detail in another blog post.) What I found really helpful was the feedback from some more experienced people which really pushed me to work on a clear value proposition. Therefore I can now relate to Kevin’s blog post from last week. Just putting yourself in a room with the right people can do so much for you. So I can highly recommend checking out his event series – I will come back myself.


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7 Thoughts on “STHLM Lounge Hackers

  1. Why did you use the term “wantrepreneurs” ?

    • Avatar FredVS on October 10, 2016 at 3:20 pm said:

      I don’t know who coined this term, but I first heard it at the Stockholm Innovators’ Book Club: http://intopreneur.com/?p=2780
      For me it describes people who haven’t actually started a project yet, but are interested in entrepreneurship, want to learn about it and eventually start when they think the time (and everything else) is right.

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