Danny and I visited The Royal Coin Cabinet yesterday where they had a temporary exhibit on Entrepreneurship.




It was actually quite inspiring to read stories of past entrepreneurs while further cultivating more motivation to begin my entrepreneurial career.

I would like to bring up 2 of the most important take away messages, timing and motivation, among other things.

We’ve touched on timing here in there in class sporadically and this exhibition really helped put it into perspective. You could have a brilliant idea, but if it is ill-timed, you may not have a market or customer for it. Likewise, you could possibly stumble across the right opportunity at the right time. Take for example Spotify. After the Pirate Bay was raided by police in 2006, two guys saw the need for free online music, hence Spotify was born. The exhibit had more excellent advice on timing:

1. Timing requires preparation

2. Timing sometimes involves pushing the boundaries

3. Timing is often about having the most modern offering

Motivation is hard to cultivate and pinpoint, but also maintain. There is a reason each one of us has chosen to take this course. Maybe it is because you believe starting a company will result in money in the long run. Maybe you believe in a cause. Whatever it may be, your individual motivation is a driving force that is important to never forget as you go through your entrepreneurial journey. I took an interactive Motivation Test and this is what I got:


The exhibition’s thoughts on motivation (sorry intopreneur.com doesn’t allow me to rotate the pic):



What is your motivation?

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3 Thoughts on “Myntkabinettet: Timing and Motivation

  1. Avatar Raquel Calles on October 2, 2014 at 5:15 pm said:

    Yeah! Thanks a ot for the recommendation =)
    I went the 29th of September (so i got in for free =D ) and i really enjoyed it! watching all those young (and no so young) entrepreneurs stories and ideas and their applications in our lifes made me think about how important is to be brave enough to transform our ideas in real ventures! =D

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