“Ideas worth spreading” is a concept worth spreading!
When I tell people about my interest in TED and viewing TED Talks online I get the same reactions all the time: “But what is TED?” Then I explain that it is 5-18 minute long talks by very inspiring people on Technology, Entertainment and Design and many other areas under the theme “Ideas worth spreading”. I have been following TED talks since 2-3 years and it has changed my life in the most positive way possible.



So, finally the day was here when I was connected to TED community through an opportunity to volunteer at TEDx event organised on 21st November,2016 at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm. This time it was based on the theme “Crossroads – the beginning of every direction” meaning mixture of different fields together in Stockholm. There were 8 artists including few researchers, music artist, Swedish rapper, journalist, international choreographer/director.

Trying Oculus Rift

Along with the talks, there were stalls showcasing Virtual Reality concepts through games, music and photography medium. The volunteer group got some free time before the event officially started. So, we visited all the stalls, tried breaking a wall using Holo lens, explored a forest using Oculus rift, painted a 3D Model using virtual brush displayed on the screen and many more things where we confirmed on the fact that “innovation doesn’t have any limit”.

Volunteer Briefing



 The meeting started at 1pm and we were briefed about our roles, work and shifts during the day. We were divided into 3 groups and each group were allotted a single shift. We were also allowed to watch the TED talks live in other 2 shifts. I was assigned the role in security and stage group. We were assigned not to allow people inside the main area when the talk was going on, help the artists on stage with their setup and the list goes on. But the best part was we could see the talk live, interact with the attendees and speakers.


TEDx Talks

The event started with an international speaker-David JP Phillips who talked about “the secret of storytelling” wherein he mentioned about the tricks,tips used to make the story telling in more easy and efficient way.Later on it was carried with JULIA ROMANOWSKA, CLEO, TRULS NORD and few other speakers. Through out the day the event included topics like scientific life, tactile photography, impact of music and poetry to change leaders behaviour towards country.

Together with 200 another people the event successfully ended with an “after party” and loads of inspirational and motivational ambiance all around. It was a great experience for me while talking to attendees, speakers with different industries, knowing about their life-time experience and how these lessons,concepts can be implemented in different situations of life. Innovation is created by evolving new ideas, collaborating different concepts and most importantly having good intention to solve a problem or follow yourself by believing in you. Being an open source platform and starting new approach towards global education by web, TEDx stands out as good example for innovation and its diversity.

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