On the 22th of April i went to the Start up day in Stockholm. This event has been organized by the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and it usually hosts students and startups from Sweden, the Nordics and Europe. I had already decided to go before it was presented in class but, then, the presentation made me even more excited.

Basically, this event was composed by speakings all day long about different ideas and successful start-ups. Moreover, during the afternoon there was the possibility to partecipate at workshops and to pitch our ideas.

On details, it started at 11 am with an introduction that explained the importance of this day. Indeed, thanks to its success, this is the 12th year that this event takes place in Stockholm. So, the first questions rose spontaneous: Why Start up day?” “Why is it so successful?” . The answer is simple: in this day there is the possibility to collect diversity (people from different universities and countries) and learn just by telling and listening to stories.

Since i don’t want to be repetitive and i know that a lot of people were there, i would like to emphasize only what were for me the most useful and interesting parts of this event. In total, i attended three speakings in the morning and two in the afternoon.

Regarding saturday morning, the first speaking, held by Sidney Lai, was about virtual reality, the second one was held by Sofia Appelgren, the founder of Mitt Liv and in the last one Elina Berglund Scherwitz talked about contraceptives and her new app called Natural Cycles. According to me, among these three stories, the second talk was the best one.

Mitt Liv – “My life”

The idea of Sofia to found Mitt Liv in the 2008 was born from an observation of the world we are leaving in. In particular, the topic of this talking was diversity. Indeed, even if we try to deny it, everyone knows that discrimination rules our world and each decision we make is led by prejudice that is related to a lack of education.

Mitt Liv aim, therefore, is to value and not discredit diversity being a bridge between companies and people who are looking for a job as well as provide education in Sweden in order to make people conscious of the world and of the mechanism that govern their behavior.


In particular, two parts of this talk came to my attention. The first one was about a google survey which revealed that 99,9997% of the decisions we make are unconscious and that, when we are meeting new people, only in the first second we already make eleven unconscious decisions. The second one, instead, was a reference to a very popular Steve Jobs quote in which he explained that, to be successful, we don’t need to be smarter, we just need to believe in what we do. Indeed, everything is related to our view of the world.

To summarize what sofia was trying to explain, i could say that nothing for her is simple, especially running a business, but when we know our mechanisms and we take responsibilities on our world everything become simpler.


During the afternoon, i moved from the main stage, when these three talks were set, to another place called “the Cave”. It was a very beautiful place whose name come from its appearance since it seems to be in a real cave. There i listened to two stories: the first was told by Jesper Ericsson, the director of sales and marketing at Biolamina, while the second one was held by Sofia Svanteson, founder of Ocean Observation. Even if these speaking were both interesting, the first one touched a very important topic: the stem cells.


This speaking immediately attracted my attention since it was built on a real story. Indeed, Jesper Ericsson’s father was diagnosed the Parkinsons disease two year ago and the only way to cure this terrible illness is to replace the ill cells. In this way, Jesper explained us why is now working at Biolamina. This company, indeed, make researches about the stem cells.



Stem cells are the evolution and today are necessary not only for Parkinsons disease but also for many other illnesses that are affecting our society. In particular, Biolamina works to improve the tools used to grow these cells since at the current State-of-Art they are still too bad. The main idea of this company is to build laminins to make the cells feel as at home and make them more homogeneous. However, since to create these cells is necessary aborted fetus, is necessary to find new solutions to take them from everyone. This is what Biolamina is working on.

As a conclusion, Jesper talked more about himself and the importance of sales and marketing also for this field. Indeed, is absolutely necessary to sale the right product (in this case the right cell and medications) to the right patient.

This post only gives a restricted view of this day, but emphasizes its importance for entrepreneurs and university students. I would like to thank this course and Stockholm to give me the possibility to attend such an event and i hope you will find it interesting.



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