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Last Tuesday Me, Charlotte and Emelie went to an event hosted by Netlight. The theme of the event was Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It was an inspiring evening that allowed for deeper insights of the possibilities entrepreneurship entails.

Two women were invited to share their journey from idea to reality. First out was Tamara Bernad from Bluecall. Bluecall is a marketplace for conversational and therapeutical support. Bluecall want to reduce antidepressants and help as many people as possible without interfering with pshycologists. With instant availability you can choose to either get support from volunteers for free, or pay for professional support. The idea should really get credit, although it should be noticed that a product like this is hard to promote, since you actually don’t want customers to come back and what about convincing investors?

Hedvig Ahlgren shared her journey with stagecast which is an live interaction platform for concerts. Stagecasts brings the attention back to the moment by creating astonishing interactions for live entertainment events – it makes reality brighter and better without creating digital distraction.

Me, Charlotte and Emelie summarized the event and the shared knowledge about entrepreneurship with some key takeaways:
– Fuck ups are going to happen, its okey to panic a little but act quickly and learn from it
– Know your weaknesses
– Team is a crucial factor
– Don’t overthink your idea
– Be very persistent, even if it doesn’t seem like it, it will get better

And last but not least, To all Swedes out there, don’t be so Swedish, dare to be bold and naive!

// Michelle, Charlotte and Emelie


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