Following in the footsteps of my fellow Dreamgineering pioneer, Lenny Boldin, I would like to get some quick feedback on my idea, the Draincoat. I have received some advice and feedback from some folks and will share quickly here.

Tom Magnergård (business coach of KTH Innovation) – Among all the ideas I pitched to him, he questioned whether this was my true passion or not (I have been searching for something to jumpstart my entrepreneurial career, to have a track record so I just have a list of ideas written down but I haven’t taken action on any of them yet). He actually recommended me, if I did choose to pursue this idea, to narrow my target market down. He is a cyclist and advised me to look into fabric for pants that would direct water off the front laps because it is so exposed to precipitation.

Tore Hanssen – I first pitched my idea to my fellow American the day after I thought of it. He is from Seattle and also wears a raincoat. He liked the idea but he was just probably being a good friend. From our brief discussion it didn’t seem like there was a burning need for a raincoat of this sort, even in a place like Seattle where there are plenty of wet days each year.

Check out my idea sketch and all feedback will be much appreciated!

Idea Sketch

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One Thought on “Idea Feedback!

  1. Avatar AxelHeumannBauerWerin on October 8, 2014 at 9:24 pm said:

    I like the idea, it really fixes a need. However I believe you have overlooked one extremely important issue: Fashion.

    When discussion clothing, function is not always the primary concern for the customer. Is the fashion design incorporated in the idea or is the idea sold to rain coat manufacturers? Basically, how is the product sold to the customer?

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