We visited SUP46 on Regeringsgatan in Stockholm this evening to listen to what others had to say and perhaps to get some feedback on our idea.
It was a cosy feeling inside, we were only about 10 people there and evidently a lot of attendees had some IT-related ideas.
The event was called “How to start a Startup” and was a seminar held by two young entrepreneurs.

Their most important message was to have an idea about trying to make a change. It was important that the idea was both something you really believed in and could put all your effort into making it real.
You could really tell some similarities to some of the course litterature by Guy Kawasaki.

SUP46 is a bit like a community which you can join and then get access to meeting rooms and have conferences. A really nice idea! You should check them out on www.sup46.com

Here is a picture taken with their motto:20141008_175919

//Carl Philip, Robert, Milad and Roberto

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