I need to gather feedback from 5 prospective customers regarding the ejector bed.

1) I interviewed a man named Joule-Felix from India. I met him in my student corridor, and I asked him what he thinks about using ejector bed to solve snoozing & sleeping. He said that he enjoys snoozing & oversleeping in the morning, and he thinks his whole day would be ruined due to stress if he got abruptly woken up by an ejector bed.

2) Then I interviewed a man named Anders Persson from Sweden. He is the course director for Micro- and Nanotechnology II, and I met him at the Rullan Restaurant at ITC. He asked me how I’m doing, and we started talking about my Entrepreneur School. I realized at this point that I now have the opportunity to add him to my list of interviewed people. So I told him that I had a project where we had to come up with an invention and pitch it. We talked about how it went, and other trivial talk. Then I told him that I came up with the Ejector Bed, and I explained to him what it is. Then after he commented it, I asked him what he thinks about it. Then he gave me the treasure I was looking for: he told me “it’s not for me“. I asked him “why not?“, and he said “it’s too brutal. I could have used it if it landed me on another bed“.

3) I also met Christopher, my classmate in Entrepreneur School. I asked him “hey, what do you think about the ejector bed?”, and he said “It’s a cool idea, but it’s nothing for me. I like to wake up nice & slow in the morning, and my morning would be ruined if I got flipped out of bed”

4) I also talked to Mahmoud, a former classmate who studies chemical engineering. He first jokingly said that he really needs this ejector bed. But then after I explained to him the motives behind the question, he told me a more detailed feedback: “The idea is funny and creative. It would work, but I wouldn’t buy it because I think that a good ringbell would work perfectly fine. Pros: you get up at the time that you want to get up, you have no other choices. Cons: This bed isn’t for couples, in case you’re two people sleeping together, and it emits lots of noise

5) And finally, I asked Dania, a member of my team at HackSpace. I asked her if she would buy it to help her get rid of oversleeping, and she replied:
Om jag blir kastad så där en enda gång😳 så kommer jag ta min kudde och mitt täcke och sova på golvet bara😁😁

So it seems like most people wouldn’t bother buying an ejector bed. This alone isn’t enough to make me give up the idea of marketing the ejector bed, but I will give up the marketing of ejector bed because of several reasons, and this is just one of them. Another reason for giving up the marketing of ejector bed is because there are other business models that seem more profitable

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