In May this year, I got assigned to be part of the project-leader group for EA Meets Singapore 2019. EA Meets is organized by Entrepreneurs Academy to inspire entrepreneurship for students, which this year means we are taking 20 entrepreneur-interested students across the globe all the way to Singapore!  Even though it is still a month left until all 20 of us will meet at Arlanda to start this crazy adventure, the journey up until this point has been amazingly developing for me.

Even though I have been involved in several projects before, this has so far been the most challenging project out of them all. But also incredibly rewarding. When I accepted the position, I did not completely understand the responsibility that was acquired, and what impact I would have on my surroundings. However, when looking back at how my perspective has grown and what we as a group have accomplished so far, it really puts a smile on my face. Even though we have not actually left the country yet! From funding & sponsorship, to contacting start-ups and companies and convincing them that they should be part of this project, to marketing and campus-tours to find the right candidates, to suddenly be working with recruiting and interviewing. Right now, the initial idea is actually starting to take shape, and I realize I love every part of it. 

Me and Felicia on our campus-tour, at SLU.
Left: Emma proudly showing our beautiful information flyers
Right: Campus-tour stop at Ångström (Students really love free coffee), you can barely see us behind the crowd

There is still one month left until take-off, and the excitement just keeps on expanding. Let’s see what the journey will bring us. 
Bon voyage!

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49 Thoughts on “A Journey Within a Travel

  1. good luck with the trip! Btw how do you cover the travel expenses? Out of your own pocket, or did you get sponsored?

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