This evening me and Emilia Björnfot attended The UK Startup Conference 2022, this was a 2-hour event with 22 different speakers all talking about startups.

The event talked a lot about the UK startup scene which was very interesting since I’ve mostly read about the Swedish start up scene. They mentioned the big government support for the startups in UK following the pandemic, they went on to mention that this is something that all major startup areas today have one thing in common: they all had large government support.

Another interesting thing they mentioned was how hard it is for startups to find their first funding and the need of the first investment. This was interesting since we had a visit from Emma Buratovic from Hidden Dreams this week who works with these types of investments and talked in more detail about the process of choosing which ideas to invest in.

Finally they also mention how important it is that opening a bank account is relatively easy which was interesting since I was what Serdar shared on LinkedIn, regarding how hard it is to open a bank account in Sweden. 

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