It’s hard to believe that his course is about to wrap up. Just wanted to give some closing feedback and reflect on the last couple of weeks.

I can definitely say that Serdar, you brought in some great speakers that really connected with us aspiring entrepreneurs. Also, the personal stories that you shared both in and out of class really hit home. I hate to say this, but I think our conversations outside of and after class have made more of an impact on me than your lectures. And thank you start for making us blog and establish online presence because that has been something that several folks have urged me to do and I can see the potentials of it now. The next step for us all is to start our own websites.

I have to admit – my expectations coming into this class were high. I was hoping for more practicality and doing. I was hoping for more “entrepreneurial experience.” But I have realized that that’s what courses like “Execution – Running Your Own Company” and “Ideation” are for. Although I was not quite satisfied with the actual substance of this course, I have begun to realize (especially as I am skimming back through the readings) that what this class has truly taught me is two things: passion and execution.

Nothing will just fall out of the sky as much as you would like it to happen. They just won’t. An idea really is useless until you execute. Talk is cheap. Really. And to have idea without all your heart and soul fully in it will most likely never make it.

To keep it short, it is time to go out, try things, and execute. Even if one fails, there is much to be learned. And so what, sometimes failure is the greatest teacher. Let’s go make things happen!

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One Thought on “Final Thoughts on the class

  1. Avatar Raquel Calles on October 14, 2014 at 7:17 pm said:

    I agree with you, Peter. The expectations for this course were high and although I was waiting, as you, for more practical entrepreneurship on class I am very glad with the experience, development of the classes (above all, GUESTS) and with all that I have learned by doing the exercises and activities.

    Thinking back, I realize that the real practice was outside the class trying to expand our networks everywhere we are and beeing fearless about sharing our ideas and asking for opinions.

    Like you have said, the most important thing that I have learned about this new world (for me) of entrepreneurship is that PASSION is needed for running an startup because the first investor of your business is YOURSELF.

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