Had heard from a Polish friend that attended a music festival that there were people promoting something ”really weird”, a bag for cigarette butts. Asked him if he had some left and well… he had!

The idea of the bag is to put the cigarette butt inte the small orange bag, peel of the release paper which you also put into the bag and then seal it. You can now safely put the bag in your pocket and throw it into a bin, when it’s nearby.

On their fundedbyme-site ( they state the want to change the way people discard their cigarettes, that usually end up littering the streets. It is also supposed to be perfect for the ”ashtray-less situations”.


I do not smoke myself but I took it to a friend who smokes and introduced this little wonder. The size seems right to fit in a cigarette-pack but I doubt you will fit as many bags as there are cigarettes. I tried to find anything about how to store the small bags but to no avail. Another concern is that you have to smoke the cigarette for a while before it will fit. When the cigarette was the right length it was easy to insert. While sealing the bag there came some smoke at the beginning but it cleared pretty quick. The idea might be that you should put out the cigarette against the lid before putting it in, thus avoiding the smoke, but could not find that info either.

I do not really like the idea of producing as many small bags as there are cigarettes much, but I do understand the need for something to put your used cigarettes in when there is no bin nearby. I would prefer to increase the amount of bins with those built in ashtrays where you can put out the smoke before throwing it in, but these little bags might be a good complement.

These little bags might even be perfect for used chewing gum!?

An even better scenario for them would maybe be if more countries introduced anti-littering laws?  Who knows, maybe even Big Tobacco will be forced to supply these with the packs? This _might_ be a rocket! 😉

All in all I do not think the idea by itself is a perfect problem-solver, but together with other measures there might be light! I’m going to follow them with interest!

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4 Thoughts on “DonDobbin – product test

  1. Coolt little bag. However, it would be interesting to analyze which one is most harmful to the environment – cigarettes littering the streets or the production of millions of these little bags? Maybe good old anti-smoking campaigns are the most sustainable solution.

    They still solve a problem though.

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