What should we do if we come up with an awesome idea or we find some pain points to solve in school?

Knight (1921) once said that ”entrepreneur is someone who calculates and takes risk and manage uncertainties.” Entrepreneurs are often described as risk takers; unfortunately, many of them will fail eventually. Therefore, it will be great if there is someone or some organization helping the student –entrepreneurs get their startups going.

Being at KTH for a month, I truly think KTH is a school that is very friendly for the entrepreneurs. You can find out that there are a lot of courses related to Entrepreneurship of the website, such as the one we are taking right now (the best one!). And I can feel the atmosphere of encouraging entrepreneurship at campus. A lot of activities about Entrepreneurship are held in the school. For example, Stockholm Innovation & Growth (STING), which is an organization supported over 130 startups over more than 10 years, had an activity ”Entrepreneurship on Campus” on 28th August. They invited us to an inspiring presentation of the startup scene at KTH.

In addition, there is an organization called “Student Inc.”, KTH Student Incubator. It supports students at KTH with their potential projects and helps students get their startups going and make some progress towards commercialization, especially in technology based projects.

This is the Facebook page of KTH Student Incubator.


There are a lot of useful information and activities about start-up or how to get involved in entrepreneurship.

What’s more, they have start-up pubs a few times every semester. It’s a pub where students can present their ideas of a product or business to others. Last one was on 2nd September. Not sure when the next one is, but check the page now and then and hope they have one soon.

KTH Innovation, In collaboration with Excitera, operate the KTH student incubator – Student Inc. together. If you want to know more about Student Inc.:


Being in a such entrepreneur -friendly environment, I truly believe that I will learn a lot and get some brand new thoughts about entrepreneurship in there!

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