Our group sat down to discuss what may be the most important when writing this Venture Project Paper and one of the things that we all forgot about at first was the inspiration from the recommended articles in this course, some of them are really relevant when writing your business plan, you get a lot ot tips from people about the structure and what is most important when writing.

My favourite articles from this course are:

Guy Kawasaki- The Art of the start – He gives 5 smart start ups tips that are very helpful.

Paul Graham – Start-ups in 13 sentences – He gives 13 notes on what is important when starting a company.

Coleen Debaise– Why you need a Business Plan – It helps you understand why you are doing this Venture Project Paper.

Go check them out and get inspired!

I have been giving feedback and talking with a start up. The start – up name is LUP and you can find them at KTH (Student Inc). They are three guys that started an app with a map in side where you can see loading zones adjacent to the cargo shipping address. I have been working with them before with our student consulting firm called Cane Consulting.

So what we did was giving feedback on what kind of value this would give to people and who their targeted segment should be.

To summarize it you can say that the targeted segment is not everyone it is all the people who works with driving big trucks and deliver (or more likely all delivery companies). They are the targeted segment because they are the once LUP is satisfying or helping with a problem. For the delivery companies using LUP’s app will save them a lot of time to find the right shipping address immediately.

Since Pernilla Rydmark (Internet Foundation in Sweden ) visited us on a lecture I have been obseced whit Crowdfounding and Kickstarter. I have put a lot of time and thinking in what makes some projects more successful then others. What I have realised is that I do not understand a thing why people think the way they do!!

I mean there is a lot crazy and strange projects among the most founded Kickstarter projects. If you go to Kickstarter you can read about the “toplist” but I am going to meansion some of them in this blogpost, just to explain what I mean by“strange and crazy projects” getting a lot of money.

One popular project is the “Exploding Kitten”, Pernilla Rydmark talked about this project and so summarize it is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.

Almost a third of all projects are games like WARMACHINE, Ghostbusters, Robotech etc. What’s up with all this gaming? Is it that important?

One question from the exam was to explain what an intrapreneur is. I did not know this question, it most have missed us talking about it in class or any other time someone mentioned intrapreneur instead of entrepreneur…

Therefor I started googling the main differences and things entrepreneurs need to know about intrapreneurship.

While an entrepreneur should see the company as a vision from starting point to end; the intrapreneur is a facet of this broader vision. The intrapreneur works within the company to solve a specific problem. Intrapreneurs are the drivers of innovation within companies.

Like entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs take risks and find more effective ways to accomplish tasks. An intrapreneur is a skilled problem solver that can take on important tasks within a company.

Hi everyone!

I am not sure but I think it was, Amir Marandi, who talked about a bracelet that alerts when you have a poor pulse. I read something that is closely related to Amirs elevator pitch on Break It.

It is a new venture Digital Healthcare with a first site called Wellobe.

Last year, the market for healthcare apps were worth approximately SEK 90 billion and is expected to grow by over 30 percent a year until 2020, according to Allied Market Research. On the website Break It you can read about the Norwegian media giant Schibsted who has their eyes on this segment. Now the company is expanding its focus on digital health, and launching the new site Wellobe that will help users find a professional coach and help with challenges.

Schibsted has also announced that they will come to develop more new products and sites linked to health.

The trend “healthcare app” is clearly just getting started!

Hello Class!

So my group started working on the Venture Project Video and I have to give you guys a tip. It is a great website called Kickstarter where you can make great and simple videos to present your business idea.

I guess some of you maybe already heard of if but you should go check it out and get inspired!

Hi everyone!

So in this course we are supposed to “help a start up company”. I have been looking around searching for some star up companies that I can get connected with. I have not found anyone yet, but I am thinking of emailing STING (Stockholm Innovation and Growth).

STING is a business incubator that offers start-ups a faster path from idea to global enterprises. They are working with 25 companies right now and I guess if you do not have any start up company in mind to help, you could maybe get connected with one of the 25.

I know the website is in Swedish, but I guess if you visit the website you can see the different companies and maybe you can contact with some of them!


Hi guys!

I was very inspired by Lisette when she talked to us this week.

She mentioned something called Fab Lab – a creative meeting place. I googled around and found something similar in Stockholm named Stockholm Makerspace.

The site is in Swedish, but they seem to have free events for those who want to try this kind of venue.



/ Sophie

Hey Guys!

Really liked the blogpost by Celine Tevy Ly ” WHAT ABOUT FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS ?” which inspired be to look around and see what kind of big and famous tech-female entrepreneurs we have. Found this video on Ted talks about Dame Stephanie Shirley. I have never heard of her before but in the 1960s, she founded a pioneering all-woman software company in the UK, which was recently valued at $3 billion, making 70 people on her team millionaires. In the video she explains why she went by “Steve,” how she upended the expectations of the time, and shares some sure-fire ways to identify ambitious women.