Speaking about entrepreneurship and innovation I want to point out a quite new international start-up company named Greenely. The company is founded by KTH students and Greenely offers visualisation of energy consumption using a smartphone application. The main goal is to make reduction of energy consumption fun and easy for its users.

The venture is under development and the founders are currently in California to meet venture capital firms, entrepreneurs, several energy researchers, grid operators and more for further discussion. I surely believe that this venture has a huge potential for expanding in both Sweden and the States. Please check out their website: http://greenely.com for further information and updates.

See you!


Earlier tonight I went to an event together with my teammate Marco Priori and classmate Raquel Calles. The event was held by Elevate 2014, an organization who provides and gathers different speakers to hold public lectures in different topics. The main man tonight was Eric Edmeades, an entrepreneur, business coach and mentor, company owner and professional speaker with more than 20 years of international business experience. The topic was to teach/learn good business tools to implement in a start-up or in an existing company.

Edmeades was really inspiring. The first thing he brought up was that innovations or ideas would never become successful if you’re not taking help. Help could be given from anywhere, from friends, family, written books, mentors or coaches. Sharing is very important.

The biggest part of Edmeades’ speech focused on “Inception marketing”. The main idea about this is to do marketing so that the customer comes to you, instead of you going to the customer. “Attraction rather than promotion”. He divided the process of this into 5 steps:

ITM: Identify ideal target market
Value: What do the target value?
Engagement pitch: Pitch and expose directly towards their values
Inceptive story: Design a story based on what the target value and build creditability, authority, virality and reciprocity
Teach how to buy: Teach the target the most important considerations when buying

Edmeades meant that if successfully passing all the steps in this model, the customer will trust and engage to you as a seller.

Last important thing he mentioned (before this post becomes too long and you guys not reading it) was an advice applicable when doing an elevator pitch. He meant that one of the biggest mistakes in an elevator pitch was that people spoke too much about themselves. Instead he recommended raising the question and the need in the head of the potential customer.

Feel free to leave a comment below and hope you enjoyed this summary as much as I enjoyed the event!