So, the course ME2603 Entrepreneurship has now come to an end and it is somehow sad. It has  been a course that has most likely made many of us students to feel more comfortable presenting pitches, talking about our ideas and getting feedback on them, but most importantly making new connections.

As a medical engineer, I do not have that much of knowledge in entrepreneurship and everything that is connected to it. That is why I chose this course, to learn things that are outside my comfort zone and to know where to go whenever I get an idea in the future and where to put it forward. I have now begun to go to events (which I would never have done if it wasn’t because of the course) and it has been such a good experience. I have meet people from my field, but also people who have a totally opposite educational background. Also, I volunteered at SUP46 and got more engaged in schoolevents.

To conclude, I have not only learnt about what entrepreneurship is but also to start networking, going outside my comfort zone, meet with people who are successful in their fields and to grow as a person. I really do recommend this course to everyone.

Last Monday, Nadia and I voluntered at the Fem Tech #5 event at SUP46.We got there one hour before the event was intended to begin, and we met with Lana. She  introduced us to the people working there and  to two other girls who also were voluntering that day. We got to help out with the catering and registration of the guests. And it was actually much more fun than what I had expected it to be. And I do recommend people to visit this awsome place and to start networking. Or if anyone is interested in being a member in their volunter-group, than just contact them and give them your information.

The event was intended to only be for women and to encourage women into the entrepreneurial world. Three successful women presented and spoke about what they had done so far and what they had accomplished. All three start-ups were successful, whereas one of them was an app, that I can’t remember the name of, and had over 1,6 million users.

One of the best things with this event was to hear about their journey and how they actually had become successful, not only as entrepreneurs but also as women.


Everyone has most likely seen the program called Draknästet (If you’re not from Sweden then it is probably called something else in your country). It is a program where entrepreneurs can present their idea or prototype to inventors, and tell them how much capital they need in order to accomplish their idea. If the idea is good, then the inventor will be willing to invest otherwise not.

One of the prototypes that were presented on the show, and caught my attention, was Mollii. It is an elektrodress that enables stiff and aching musmolli2cles to relax. Electrical stimulation is used to reduce the tension in muscles, as well as spasm. The electrodress is used by people with stroke, brain damage, etc [1]. In the first part of the episode (you can find the link down below) you will see a little girl that, after using the elektrodress, has got the ability of moving her legs and doesn’t need to inject any medication any longer.

Personally, I find it immensely fascinating how a dress, like Mollii, can enable people to walk and move more freely and with a more relaxed manner. And there should be more products like this out on the market but more entrepreneurs need to get out there and show their prototypes.


Here is the link to the episode when Mollii was presented:

Part 1:

Part 2:


Here is the link to their website:


These types of products makes me even more motivated to one day innovate a product that will help people to either have the ability to walk, drink or eat. Basically some of the things that people take for granted. However, as a medical engineer I haven’t had that much of courses in management or entrepreneurship and, thus, this is the reason to why I am currently taking the course in Entrepreneurship at KTH.



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Yesterday, Nadia Benali and I went to a really good event that was organized by SUP46, at Regeringsgatan 65, called How to Hack Slush Meetup.

Slush is an event that is spreading globally with the philosophy to help the next generation of great, world-conquering companies forward1. Founders, speakers, investors and media will be present. This is the place for you as an entrepreneur to find investors, costumers and media mentioning. If you have an idea, then this is the place for you.

Check out their trailer:


At the event, we met with several people who had really good ideas and wanted to hear our thoughts about them. One of the ideas, that actually is available today, is called Speak up- you can read more about it on Nadia’s blog post ( Another idea, that is already launched in America, is called Smart Alec. The idea is that you, as a student, can easily book your perfect tutor in whatever subject that you need help with. They have tutors from various universities in America. If you’re interested in visiting their site:

Additionally, I was able to tell about my idea to one of the people there and the response was much better then what I expected. We discussed about how it could be improved and that I should make a good presentation and try to present it at an event- and perhaps have a chance. It was fun to hear this from a person that already had established a successful start-up.

Personally I believe that Slush is an excellent event that enables entrepreneurs to go in the right direction.

So if you have an idea, you should take this oppertunity and go to Slush. You might be our next successful entrepreneur.