We have implemented a market-based survey to get insight into how potential customers value the content of our service. The survey was conducted on an anonymous basis with expectation to get more honest answers. To implement the survey we used a tool from Google called Google Forms. The survey was distributed to 50 respondents. About half of the respondents completed the survey. Each team member selected ten persons who they personally thought were appropriate for the market segment of our product.

At the beginning of the survey we described the product briefly. There after we had a few key questions associated to our service. These questions had grades to make it easier to answer them but also for us to be able to measure and evaluate them. At the end of the survey we had two optional questions with open answers to provide the opportunity for more detailed answers and feedback to us.

So, what was the outcome of the survey? We found a clear pattern that the interest of paying for the service is low. At the same time we saw that the interest of the idea and its value creation in itself was high. The most distinctive outcome was the response for having discounts in the service, where the interest was very high.

We also got many interesting funding proposals with practical examples of how similar businesses are doing, even though we did not directly ask for it. Respondents also gave us tips of a few interesting competitors. We will definitely see if we can learn something from them. The result helped us to get an understanding of what potential customers think about our service. We also got some practical suggestions on what we can add to the service to develop it.

It was both fun and rewarding to do this survey and it will definitely be useful in the future!

Im guessing many of you already know about: https://www.kickstarter.com/  This is a site where you can either fund a project or look for funding for your idea. The site has been around for a while, but from now on it also support swedish projects. So if you havent checked it out already take a look today!