Entrepreneurial events are just expanding in size and quantity. This make me at least to search for unique events which have something new to offer. This search means that I have to try most of the events at least one time and connect with people to learn about more events which are happening.
In this process I met a student from Uppsala who was so passionate about China and what he had in mind was to connect China and Sweden when it comes to entrepreneurship and startups. He started from Uppsala but it didn’t take him long to understand that Uppsala is too small and unknown for such international project.
At the moment he has launched his Forum, Sweden China startup Forum, in Stockholm and Beijing and I had the honor to be invited for the launch event in Stockholm. I believe that the idea is amazing considering how big the market in China is and the entrepreneurial potential in Sweden. In the event investors, lawyers and startupers were having speeches about how the market is and mentioning the potentials and challenges. It was great environment with a fantastic diversity.
Their next event will be in spring and I would strongly recommend it to all of you who are interested in new opportunities!
Check their website out: www.swedenchinaforum.org