Here’s a rather old but interesting article The Guardian posted about social entrepreneurship and the phenomena in Sweden. It states that swedes traditionally are innovators but the concept of social entrepreneurship is new to the country. When talking about innovation in this digital era the recent sparks as Spotify, Skype and Soundcloud are some of many to be mentioned. But what about social innovation?

The link to the article:

Why this interested me is that they identified a trend in the Swedish landscape: social problems have traditionally been a responsibility of institutions rather than individuals. An example of this is policymaking in order to solve the most pressing social challenges.

However, this trend is about to be broken and social challenges can be treated by using social innovation that changes the entrepreneurial landscape. This is now on a rise and there are government initiatives that are catching up with the changes by supporting these entrepreneurs. One example is The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (

So my thoughts are from an entrepreneurial perspective: what are the future trends to be broken? How can you be one step ahead and create business ideas that fulfill needs that haven’t traditionally been solved by entrepreneurs?

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