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In several of the lectures so far we have talked about removing/replacing functions in existing products to create new products and from that create businesses (e.g. the example with the very simple phone). The key here is to identify something redundant in a product and identifying a group of people that can be your costumers when removing/replacing this. And also remember what Serdar says “you can’t make everyone happy” when knowing who is your costumer.
Also have in mind what was talked about in the latest lecture with MVP (minimum viable product) and to figure out what is the lest amount of function you need in your product to attract costumers.
Well here is an idea/product that, in some way, does the opposite:)

The idea is to let the costumers customize the phone by selecting which functions you want to have. For example if you want better battery but no camera you just replace the camera function with a larger battery, and so on. They also market the product as the costumer group is every single person in the world (well almost), with the phrase “designed exclusively for 6 billion people”.
So here is my question/point. Is this smart or dumb?
You can say that they are removing functions with the possibility to choose to make a super simple phone with nothing but a screen and a huge battery. But then again there are several options which gives the costumers many functions to choose between.
Also is the costumer group really 6 billion people? Hardly since the phone still requires som level of technical knowledge, and also I assume that the product won’t be cheap.
Overall I think the product is cool and I won’t ba surprised if I sometime will own a phone like this and I like the concept of “choosing the functions I want”, maybe this is somewhere in the middle of “to many functions” and “to simple”?
However, in cars we seam to want as many functions as possible at the lowest possible price? So is less more?
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One Thought on “Functions, is less more?

  1. Hi Emil!
    I think the idea is not dumb. I can see the market this company is actually targeting.
    However, in my point of view, when we are entering the ‘customised market’ we really need to pay attention to the cost-efficency of the product.
    By being able to choose one by one the different functions of my phone, my product would be almost unique. Unicity has a price.
    Would my phone be more expensive than a standard phone?
    Am I willing to pay more to have less?
    Those would be the questions I would wonder myself if I was working in this start up 🙂

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