My background: I am a PowerPoint fan from middle school. I like designing the temple on my own according to the theme of the presentation. And my favorite part is animation and always try to make it activate the presentation and add interaction with the audience. In order to make creative PowerPoint each time, I learnt a lot from relevant online forum and discussing with others.

User Experience: After experiencing the Presentate for 20 minutes, I found it to be a simplified online PowerPoint with some well design templates. I do appreciate your venture a lot, but here I just post what I thought could be meaningful to you. And personally I really expect what paid service you will provide latter. Here is my concern to the 5 titles on the Presentate homepage: 捕获 捕获2  

1. The digital handout that works great for anyone, anywhere. Nowadays, there are lots of existing platform to share the slice that can also works great for anyone, anywhere. In addition, they are not only online slides editor, but also can upload and download document which is the function Presentate don’t have. Such as the Slide share Google docs, Onedrive powerpoint etc.

2. Spend less time making presentations,and more time honing your message. How about there are thousands of template online for people to make powerpoint.

3. Research. Ideas. Data. And a little bit of magic.How about if Microsoft upload their template’s design.

4. The best of both worlds The is not hard to view the “note” of the slide as the presenter while the audience see the full screen just by setting the display model

5. Present from any computer It is easy to share things online at present, but we still need the file in our compter or Those are my concern to each point, and I know I didn’t consider combining all the feature together but I believe Microsoft PowerPoint have almost all the function Present has so far. From the design and time consuming part, there are thousands of free well-designed powerpoint template on line for me to choice.

Other concern:

  • How about I don’t want to share the slides to public?
  • How about the place I make presentation cannot reach the internet?
  • I agree with the “four objects”principle, but why there is no “picture”.
  • Once I change the background picture, it no longer fit the words design anymore, even you add the feature to edit the format, colour and size of the words, I don’t know the best and easier way to make it fit this slides if I were a poor designer.

My expectation:

  • vectorgraph from the cloud
  • Animation function
  • Diagram function
  • limited publish
  • Private customized design as a chargeable item
  • As you mentioned “you won’t have to learn any new tricks”,and keep it as simple as possible. I still expect more magic new function that we haven’t experienced on PowerPoint.
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2 Thoughts on “Presentate user experience(by a PowerPoint fan)

  1. serdar.temiz serdar.temiz on September 15, 2014 at 3:57 pm said:

    Did you try the product?

    • Avatar Xiang Xiao on September 15, 2014 at 4:52 pm said:

      Yes, I tried the product by using most of its function. Since it is still a incomplete Beta, quite a few feature haven’t been added yet, so I write in a more general way.

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