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As my fellow students have written, there was a SUP46 event yesterday ft Atomico. To start with, there was a lot of people at the event. The floor was almost full.

Before I attended to this event, I promised myself to mingle when I arrive, which resulted in a couple of new LinkedIn & Facebook contacts. First I talked to Nikhil. An exchange student from India who had this “open-lab” startup in India which is top rated. Right now, Nikhil is taking his master in KTH at the mechatronics department. We talked a lot and decided to meet for further discussions.

Later on I met Per Bergström, co founder and Product Director of Nova Sweden. Nova is a student talent networking company which brings in the “top students” for connecting them with high status companies. Interesting talking to Per because of his humbleness.

By this time, I had a few beers and continued the mingle. I met Arish. He was developing an “Uber” kind of app for people who wants to “övningsköra”. In Sweden, not everybody has the opportunity to practice driving with someone, and I think this app will be used by many young students who want to take their drivers license.

To make this post short, I will jump to the last person I talked to. It was Alon Kuperman, Vice President at Investments for Atomico. Alon studied business in London, and is originally from Israel. Me and Alon talked about a business idea I had, which he thought was interesting. We also talked about getting investors, and that Atomico just makes A and B investments, and no seed investments. He gave me his visit card and told me to keep in touch with him.

As summary, this kind of events are really good to attend at. Not only for getting connections, but also for practicing your own social skills. At the end, it all comes to how good you are att selling yourself to other people and how good you are at convincing people that YOU are the right person for the job/investment/what ever you need. It can seem weird to just go and talk to people who you have never talked to, but that is necessary.


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