Since before the start of this course, me and Fredrik Nordström has been involved in a Start up by a couple of KTH students from our program. It began before the summer when we first heard the idea and had some heated discussions with the founders regarding the project and continued after the summer we where asked to operate two of the companies, which we said yes to.

The idea in short is to identify craftsmen markets where, above all, the communication between customer and contractor is undeveloped (websites that are unprofessional, no clear “hits” when searching the internet etc) and where it’s believed that new companies can enter and earn market shares.

So since the beginning of september we operate a company that suplies lands for your garden etc, called Gräsbolaget (that Fredrik has written about earlier) and a company which does drainage and earthwork, called Svenska Markspecialisten:)

We entered the companies in the middle of high season and much of the work up till now has been about making sure that the day to day operations work and that we can manage the customers we get. But now when the season are coming to its end (the frost bites hard soon), we are going to start focusing more on developing the strategies of the companies for the spring. This includes contacting future and existing partners (which we have talked about a lot in this course), talking with suppliers and figuring out price plans.

And we also would like your help!

If you have the time, please go to our websites (unfortunately everything is in Swedish since our market is Stockholm..) and give feedback on whats good and whats missing/can be improved:)



Oh and one more thing! If you do a Google search and find the websites that way, don’t click on the ad-link because we are paying for every click and we want to save them for possible customers;)

Looking forward to your feedback/thoughts!

/ Emil

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