I have discussed our Venture Project with some potential customers. Based on the feedback from the class I have chosen to expand the service we will provide to include all services, not just hair cuts, because it will make the service more useful and more customers can benefit from the service. We have also chosen to include all appointments available but with the option to provide a discount for a time that is close in time. So this will be a booking system for all types of services and you can sort them by area.

People I have asked for feedback have been  two hair dressers and a masseuse near Stadion in Stockholm and 3 regular customers and this is their feedback:

2 Hairdressers and a masseuse: They think it is a good idea, it would help them to have a good booking system where their customers can find an appointment. The possibility of dynamic pricing is very limited today but only one of the hairdressers I asked thought it was a good idea. Her salon was a bit more high end than the other salon and it did also not really have the possibility of drop in because it is almost always fully booked. The other hairdresser said that this was a good idea as for a booking system but that he wasn’t interested in dynamic pricing because he had drop in. The masseuse thought it was a good idea because this would be like marketing.
3 Customers: Appreciate an easier way of finding services in the surrounding area. This might increase competition between service provider because it it easier for the customer to compare the services and the prices. Require that many join the service for it to be beneficial for all customers.

To get reliable feedback more extensive interviews need to be conducted but this has established the need for this kind of service on the market. None of the people questioned have any budget responsibility but the hairdressers and masseuse thought it would be reasonable pay a small fee on every purchase to finance this kind of service. The potential customers that were interviewed are all friends and family which might make their feedback extra positive.

The improvements suggested are good and have been included but with a larger target market it will take longer before this service have a big share of the potential market but I absolutely think that it is possible!




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2 Thoughts on “Feedback on Venture Project

  1. Great work Erica! I like the way you are making conclusions and taking decisions from your feedbacks 🙂

  2. Linda Nilsson Linda Nilsson on October 24, 2015 at 11:08 am said:

    Hi, I read your blog post and it got me thinking of our feedback aswell. It’s exciting that you have different groups to get feedback from, are there ny other that you have concerned in this? Is there any difference between types of hairdressers?

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