I have been to Sweden only for several months now. And I have had some problems getting used to Swedish culture, I believe many of us had. However more events I attend, more people I get socialized with.  Therefore, I decided to share my experience at the latest event me and the many other EIT students attended last week – SUP46.

My classmate has already writtenIMG_20151113_183620
a post about the event and described it pretty well. However, I have a little different impressions. Even though people were gathering in groups with their colleagues, after “a couple of beers” some people started walking around and talking to other groups. After another “couple of beers”, people went outside to have some fresh air and talk there, others went to play a table football and table tennis. Eventually I found myself playing ping-pong and discussing business challenges with a gentlemen dressed in a suit, who appeared to be a CEO of one of the Startups at SUP46. Furthermore, at such events (with unlimited beer supplies)  the toilet queue is a great place to start a conversation. I have networked and collected sevIMG_20151117_122833smudgederal business cards of o
ther entrepreneurs while waiting in the queue. There are many more p
eople I have met: CEOs of different startups, developers, H&M logistics manager and of course the guys who was trying to sell us new type of business cards. 

The point I was trying to make is – sometimes it is not easy to get to know new entrepreneurs but it is not impossible. Swedish people are very talkative and nice people (after a couple of beers) . So go to as many events as you can, be open minded and enjoy your time!

And here is the bonus picture as promisedIMG_20151113_180717

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