I want to start with the definition of Open Innovation which I liked the most “Open Innovation is about to outsource part of the innovation process to external actors outside the company.” You can have more details from here. I was thinking to list down some of the example topics which can be selected as the final project for the course “Open and User Innovation”. This might be helpful for future students who are taking the course ME1033. What I fathomed  from our course teacher, he wants a project topic which focuses on analyzing and discussing about a real innovation project endeavored by someone or by a company, rather than discussing a descriptive idea or approach related to open innovation.
Open_Innovation from Internet

Yes, there are some regular postulatory approach which can be selected as a project and some of them are relevant to the course. For example innovation ecosystem, circular innovation, the future of open innovation, opportunities and barriers of open innovation, contrast between open innovation and business strategy and so on. If someone wants to discuss about these topics in their project, then they have to do a general and fairly an elaborate discussion. Someone will draw the examples of other companies from the past and will make an academic analysis just like other reading materials (home assignments). The articles listed as home reading materials, are written by the open innovation researchers and renowned experts who are aware of this field for several years. Therefore, they are able to write a useful article drawing the examples of various initiatives of big or small companies. They are skilled to write such elaborate topic based on their long time research and experience of such a topic. This is not the scenario for most of the students who are taking this course. Normally, few students were aware of “Open innovation and crowdsourcing” before taking the course ME1033.

Instead of discussing aforementioned expository topics, the course participants can choose a particular example of open innovation, which already exists and discuss how it was an open innovation and what is the outcome or impact. What kind of strategies the company or agency followed to make the innovation. If they are successful, then finding the key reasons why it was successful or if it wasn’t successful, then the reasons can be explained too.
Here is a list of the example topics which could be selected as the “final project”:

1) Wikidata project
2) The Lego case
3) Any Linux distribution making money out of it
4) The Orange Fab
5) Netflix campaign
6) Super-Efficient Refrigerator Program (SERP)
7) The Ansari-X prize
8) Open-source Arduino revolution /”CHIP” by Next Thing Co.
9) The Quirky Collaboration
10) Local Motors: co-creating the car industry
11) Threadless.com : Customers that submit, inspect, and approve T-shirt
12) “Kickstarter” : synonymous for crowdfunding
13) P&G’s Connect + Develop
14) Volvo’s XC90 NPD to co-create SUV
15) TopCoder : always finds a solution


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