There are hardships that you might face even in the most flourishing times of the most genuine projects you make. Earlier this year, when wanted to start launching outside the USA, thy faced a legal issue that stopped them from using the name “Arduino”! What they found out is that there exists another company in Italy that are using the name “Arduino” and manufacturing the same boards for the exact same function, and that company was actually the manufacturer of!

Let’s rewind to clarify the dispute. In 2005, Massimo Banzi and his colleagues founded the Arduno Project and were since then running The manufacturers of the boards were Smart Projects SRL (“SRL” is the Italian “LLC”). In April 2008, this manufacturer decided to rename itself Arduino SRL, and claim the rights of the “Arduino” brand in Italy. Two years later, they found about.

Dispute: VS. (Image source: Hackaday.)

Dispute: VS.
(Image source: Hackaday.)


To work around this issue,, which still sells under the brand “Arduino” in the US, re-branded the boards to “Genuino“. This way, they continue spreading their project to the world with the proper “maker” spirit, as Banzi puts it.

The rebranding of boards, outside USA. (Source:

The rebranding of boards, outside USA.

Here is the point of view of


Here is the point of view of

Here is Hackaday’s Blog about the dispute.


So, you are the judge. Do you think that the arise of another Arduino hinder the flourishing of the “maker” community or will it actually help it grow?


– Sharbel


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