Stockholm is often referred to as ‘The unicorn factory’, it is currently home to seven tech companies that are valuated to over $1 billion and its known for being a great environment for startups. Every year, an event known as ‘Stockholm Tech Fest’ is taking place at the Waterfront congress center, where they gather startups, investors and inspirational speakers. It is more or less an exhibition, where the startups are the main attraction. But there is also a twist to it…

What differentiates Stockholm Tech Fest from other startup events is that the participants are not allowed to bring any material in terms of banners, rollups, projectors or suchlike. The startups that are going to exhibit are given one big blank piece of paper and a couple of pens upon arrival. They are then supposed to communicate their business idea through these tools. The idea behind this is that everyone should have equal changes of attention.

I had the privilege to join this event and represent the startup that I work with. I have been a part of Gourmetli since three years, from the very beginning. We are developing an order management system for food vendors online, automating the entire process from order to delivery.
During Stockholm Tech Fest, we had the opportunity to meet with a lot of investors and pitch our idea. We met different people from different industries and it was very rewarding. It also gave us the chance to explore other startups and discuss ideas.

At the end of the event, some startups were awarded prices for their ideas and advancement. All the participants were gathered in the big assembly room and the ‘winners’ went up on stage and pitched their idea.
We managed acquire the price for ‘Food Tech Startup of the year’, it was an amazing experience.

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