Technology based entrepreneurship has been a very interesting course. I chose to read it on top of my mandatory courses because it is closely related to what I do for a living as well as it being a big interest of mine. I have learnt a lot of things, many of which I will probably, and hopefully, never forget. What I found most interesting was probably the procedure of approaching the market with a new product. Looking at unicorn companies, one seldom think about the struggle that they have been through, it’s easy to focus solely on the success stories. At the same time, I think that it’s important to know that being an entrepreneur is not just fun and game, it is a struggle and it’s all about tweaking and prying an idea until it matches the market demands.

Overall, the course covered more than I thought it would, it has given great insights in both theoretical concepts as well as practicalities. From my own experience in startup I could recognise a lot from the course theory, this made everything even more interesting because it someway added another dimension to it.

The guest lecturers were a true asset, it was interesting to listen to such a diverse group of entrepreneurs. They were all active within the technology sector but their products differed a lot from each other. I found Bill Schacht from Orb Industries to be most intriguing, he presented a very cool and interesting product and his high level of enthusiasm could not go unnoticed.

As previously mentioned, the course covered more than I expected so I cannot think of anything to add in the future.
To summarize, a fun and interesting course that I surely will recommend to my fellow students.


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