Today, I attended Sthlm Tech Meetup. Mr Tyler Crowley, a very energic compere, welcomed us into the big auditorium at Hilton Slussen.
A lot of people attended the event.

Mr Crowley started of by telling us about the number of startups raising money in Stockholm today, numbers that have grown a lot since the event started. The number eight doubled since the first Sthlm Tech Meetup. All these numbers prove that the startup scene in Stockholm has evolved to something greater.

Oscar, Andy, Nassif & me.

Later on Mr Crowley and his colleague presented some of the companies that raised money this year. He pointed out that a couple of years ago, representants from all these companies would be on stage, but now they are so many that not everyone get their own slide in his presentation.

They went on and talked about (famous) people’s investments in tech startups. Names like HM’s Stefan Persson was of course mentioned here, but I was more surprised by other one – like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Alexander Gustafsson, the Swedish MMA-star. Thomas Ghassemi, the manager of Gustafsson, was brought up to the stage to talk about Gustafsson’s recent investments. It was very different and interesting. Mr Crowley later asked the audience if any of their startups would interest Gustafsson, and a couple of people got to chance to tell about their startup in a couple of sentences. An interaction that I liked!

The huge crowd

Adam from Nasdaq later talked about how Stockholm startup scene was becoming mature. The increasing number of IPOs a proof of that!

A talked with a couple of people regarding their startups ideas, and some had really great ones. Some had already started to make their idea become reality – inspiring us to do the same.

See you tomorrow!

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