When I was searching for startups to help I was looking for startups in an early stage of their developing stage. My thoughts were that my feedback would be more appreciated in an early stage where changes are easier to do.
I have a couple of friends that is into startups. One of them is my old classmate Markus Wallentin. During a course he toke last semester they came up with an app called Stagecast. The app lets the user turn there cellphone into an interactive element that and the audience and the artist can communicate in a whole new way at a concert. I had a sit down with Markus and he explained the app. Markus didn’t want to reveal too many features but the app is going to be able to do two things.

  1. The audience is going to be able to play the same sound from their phone at the same time to get a feeling of a surround system.
  2. Audiences are going to be able to live stream from their phone. Users are then going to be able to look at the different live stream and get a total unique view even if they couldn’t make if to the concert.

During the sit down I gave Markus some feedback on the areas I have knowledge in. Mostly in the UX field and how they could do the app more user friendly by removing and adding some elements. Markus liked the feedback and wrote it all down to the next meeting they were going to have. Markus also explained that the hardest part right now was to convince the investors that Stagecast is a great service. But due the lack of investors and money they can’t launch the product and try it out in real life. So I gave Markus contact information to one of my friends that work on Marshall and we are now hoping they can do some collaboration and a launch party. Stay tuned on what’s going on true their webpage http://stagecast.se/.
My other friend, Camilo Blomqvist, is one of the guys behind the services Tutero. A online homework help that connects the student with the teacher in a digital classroom. This is a project they have been working on for the last two years and they are really close to launching. Camilo is a successful entrepreneur with some other projects and have invested in this new project but have also help to code the homepage. In their office I got to try a beta version of service. It service worked great but it was some smaller things they I, as a teacher, thought could have be better. Camilo was grateful for the feedback and was looking forward to have me as an online coach. If  you want to know more about Turero and when they launch sign up on their newsletter on http://tutero.com/.



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