On 4th December, I entered the Startup Day presentation event. It was held in EIT Digital office, in KTH Kista campus.

The event is more likely a workshop. There are several teams. Each team has 3-6 persons. Enrolling in the competition is voluntary. Participants find their partners and form a team before the event begins. The event lasted two days. Each team was given a topic at the first day, then they had two days to come up their ideas and solution to solve the problem or improve the situation.

startup event

Listening to all teams’ presentations, there are several ideas impress me. One of them is Altalk. We are overwhelmed by information from facebook, twitter, kinds of emails and other social platform in our daily life. The team noticed this problem and wanted to solve it. They developed Altalk. Altalk is a smart information manage system. It can manage user’s information artificially and intelligently. It connects all your social platform account and manages the information. For example, you want to find the detail of the Startup Day event, but you forget which platform you read about it or which email you got it. You can search the keyword “startup”, the system will automatically search it and list all the information about the startup. It save you time searching for the information you need.

Another one is socialize-me. Nowadays people in airport, in subway, they tend to put on earphones and play the smartphone but not to communicate with other person around them. The team made a survey about this problem. 50% passengers want to use the time to communicate with strangers and make a friend. The team developed the product with the help of wifi platform and position technology. For example, you are in airport waiting your airplane and the airplane will depart 2 hours later. You connect to the airport Wifi. When connect the wifi, the screen will display some options: I want to make a friend nearby or I don’t want to. It is obligatory. If you choose the first one option, the system will automatically match the one who have some the same interest. Then you can find a guy and have a face to face talk with him. Maybe you two can be friends after the communication.

After presentations, some professors and entrepreneurs who were invited to the event will give some evaluation and advice for the team. Through their questions and evaluations, using the open data to innovate something new is a good way to solve some problem of improve situation you meet in your daily life. When you find the existing product can’t solve your problem, why not try to develop a new product by yourself to solve it.

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