I and my team successfully organized this Stockholm Startup Weekend: Travel Edition. This was a 2.5-day event where people came to come up with solutions for Travel domain, the event’s major sponsor was Amadeus(the food was great), along with a lot of other sponsors. There were a lot of prizes to be won, and fun to be had.

I was very happy to see people from an array of various background from insurance to music to tech to business to anything coming together forming teams and here is a how it looked. It was an amazing experience to organise this. I was happy to see one of our classmates, Arman, to see there as well, he blogged about it here: http://intopreneur.com/?p=4155

BTW we are coming back in Sep 2017. Will keep you posted. Ciao!

We also organised another weekend hackathon in January, here is the video from that as well for those who like watching videos. 🙂

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