Even though you are interested in creativity and entrepreneurship, you probably haven’t heard of gather festival, and that is because of the price of the entrance: 7450 kr! However, there are special prices for students, start-ups and freelancers. But the best option is to submit your idea to Gather Motivation Labs. If your idea is selected, you will not only get a free entrance to the festival, but also you get to participate in the labs.
And why would you want to participate in this motivation labs?
Motivation labs are meant to help you take the hard first steps to making your idea reality, whether that means getting help with prototyping, launching a crowdfunding campaign, breaking down an action plan or pitching your idea to venture capital partners! This year the festival is over, but watch our for next year’s!
In addition to Motivation Labs, GATHER festival has conferences regarding different topics (this year the festival revolved around Human vs. Machine, Communication, Economy, Urban Development and Democracy), solution labs where you can share your approach on real challenges companies bring in, and also music at night.
I attended the most innovative and inspiring talks, as the one from Dr. Kate Stone, a Cambridge physicist who works turning any surface into a musical instrument by using conductive inks and tiny circuit boards (Here you can see some interesting projects of her team: I also gave some feedback and ideas to new entrepreneurs in the motivation labs and I enjoyed some great music. Awesome experience!
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