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Since I forgot to put up a blog post of last event I figured I’d put both of the events up in the same post to avoid occupying the a whole page on Intopreneur. The events I attended was the Stockholm Food Movement and IoT Innovation Night. I’ll avoid getting into too much detail since I believe you’ve already read the previous posts and instead I’ll be sharing my own thought about the events.


Stockholm Food Movement

Stockholm Food Movement, October 18th

As previously mentioned by Johan, this event was about the issues concerning the problems about food in our world. Some starve while others are overweight. There were a couple of presentations like the Gaia team, Matsvinnet among them. I found the event very interesting and informative since most of us know that food is a well discussed issue, but the only ones who’re able to solve this is, in fact, us entrepreneurs with our innovative ideas. The fact that there are so many ideas that you’ve never actually heard of makes me kind of happy and inspired to figure out my own solutions. Although I won’t be approaching the food market, I sure want to solve other problems and deliver my own value propositions.


IoT Innovation Night

IoT Innovation Night, October 9th

As you might have read from the other students attending the event, this event was all about the Internet of Things. There were multiple companies working in the area who presented themselves and we were also told how to get in touch and the possibilities of getting funded by the European Platforms Initiative, IoT-EPI for short. I personally found this event to be the most fun out of the two I attended as I have a huge passion for the digital development in general and the fact that the event was held at Norrsken House. Ever since Jessica from Norrsken presented Norrsken in our class I’ve wanted to start developing some of my ideas to try to better peoples daily lives.

Both of the events has been really inspiring, with the IoT one topping my list, and I get more and more excited about walking down the entrepreneur road on my own. Maybe one day I’ll manage to get a funding from Norrsken and that you’ll see me presenting on one of these kind of startup events in the future.

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