Helping and trying a Startup: Plick

Lately, I have seen many ads of startup second hand-apps, especially on the subway so I thought I would give it a try share my experience and hopefully get some extra cash! For over a month ago I downloaded the app Plick from Appstore and created a profile by simple connecting to my Facebook account. I have created ads before on sites the Blocket a for 6 years ago and must say that this was much easier and straightforward!


My first impression was that it felt very similar to Instagram, you can follow people and people can follow you and the profile layout. 










 Next step was to upload the pictures of the product I wanted to sell, and I got some useful advice on things to consider when taking a photo. The lightning and background make a big difference and they advise you to also take a closer picture of the product. They also recommend giving a short description, hashtags, size etc.


22690233_10155307719684775_160546616_o                    22690399_10155307719489775_300338236_o                  22690138_10155307719509775_204711098_o

Hopefully, someone will find my beautiful dress that is up for 200 Kr!

So my conclusion of the app? I really liked the app and idea, a smart, easy and sustainable way to sell and buy clothes. My only concern is that my ad has been up for a while now and no one has shown interest yet. I’m wondering if it might be because there are not enough active users or if my dress is not attractive enough?  

I did some research and got to know that Plick has more than 20 000 active users and there are a lot of competitors on the market like the sites Tradera and Blocket, but also other startups like Shpock (10 milj users in EU and 0,5 milj users in Sweden) and Sellply (backed by H&M). 

To be successful in this market segment I think it is important to have strong market shares and invest in marketing to get the most active users. And in that way, I am helping Plick (and my dress) now by giving it some attention here in the blog!

Using the app is for free now so Plicks revenues are low, but Plicks plan is to earn money in the future by charging a 10 percent fee when a customer uses Plicks embedded payment service to sell a piece of clothing. I however, think that they have to have more influence on the market before taking charges, especially if their competitors are offering this for free otherwise they will just lose users.

So guys create an account and you might found something cheap and beautiful like my dress!







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