IMBATECH just got home from an amazing evening at Help to Help’s startup event. A lot of people interested in Help to Help and social entrepreneurship in general gathered in a hot but cozy part of Nymble to hear about Help to Help and mingle around with the other attendees. Snacks were provided and cheap beer could be bought – a perfect way to finish the day. During the event, Help to Help acquired several new monthly donors. A man even convinced the attendees to donate money for Help to Help’s cause, which in total raised 1300 SEK on the spot. The atmosphere was vibrant and everybody had a good time.

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During the event I started to think about the differences of social entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurs. One thought that crossed my mind is the difference in how they attack business problems. Generally, social entrepreneurs seems to know exactly what the need or problem is but struggle with how to create a solution, while other entrepreneurs struggle with what the real problems are and often even build solutions to non-existent problems (does not apply to all entrepreneurs, of course). But why is this? I believe, that social entrepreneurs were into social good before they became entrepreneurs. That’s why they generally understand the problems better than other entrepreneurs.

Do you agree? Disagree? I’m curious about your thoughts on social entrepreneurship!

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2 Thoughts on “Help to Help and Social Entrepreneurship

  1. Avatar Johnson on October 16, 2014 at 6:54 pm said:

    I personally believe that one of the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur is passion. To be a successful entrepreneur you should only consider profit and return as a positive side effect of your business.

    I agree with your statement that many other entrepreneurs (business entrepreneurs) often build solutions to non-existent problems. I believe that they often get stuck in confirmation bias about their idea being the next Facebook without spending more time to confirm their target customers actual needs.

    As a social entrepreneur your main focus is always to create and sustain social value and I think that is a strong reason why these entrepreneurs sometimes are more successful in understanding problems and thereby deliver excellent solutions.

  2. Avatar yuwzhng on October 18, 2014 at 5:43 pm said:

    Oh I have been thinking about the difference between entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs myself!! I agree competely – social entrepreneurs are already quite immersed in the probem they want to find a solution too, and the work lies in creating and refining that solution, whilst the entrepreneurs that this course has been talking about have this whole unknown area to them in which they can find ANY possible solution to ANY problem. The idea generation process is competely different for them. It could be anything in any area.

    Moreover, social entrepreneurs don’t really think that much about profits and value creation in terms of…well, profit,s as much as entrepreneurs do, so there one less “problem” 🙂 their sole focus is about solving the problem that they want to solve, even though they do need investors now and then, but they are also more likely to be granted fundings or scholarships.

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