Thanks to L.Peter and My Klint, most of the members of #Dreamgineering have attended to one of tents of events for Startups organized in KTH during the year. Student Inc is an organization inside KTH who supports and helps innovative ideas to become into Startups with revenue. They don’t invest in ideas but they can help finding investors and holdings. By sending an email to the manager everyone with one (or several) ideas can make an appointment in order to ask for advice and see if their idea has potential. Today morning we had the opportunity of knowing in first-hand what is going on Student Inc. in the Open House event (Wednesday 17th) due to My Klint, Student Inc. manager, and guess what… Is amazing! 9.00h Morning started with a nice breakfast for free!! 😀 (These #entrepreneurs known how to catch people! 😉 )


9:30h My Klint, made a tour for us inside Student Inc building. It is located in Teknikringen 26, 114 28 Stockholm (inside Main campus KTH). We could visit the “workspace” room, “conference” room and all the rooms available in order to help entrepreneurs to develop and share their ideas, and kitchen! 10.00h My was explaining to us how the Student Inc works which startups are developing there they ideas and how Student Inc staff help them. IMG_20140917_103723553[1]

Student Inc has a program from 3 to 15 months for those ideas that are ready to start the process. So in order to know if your idea is ready, first is needed to have some appointments with the advisers of the organization. They will decide if is necessary to search more about the market and the idea or if it can start in the phase 1 INITIATION. The program is based in 3 phases depending on the state of development of the idea, 3-6-6 months are the phases Initiation-Development-Phase Out. After these phases, Startups should leave to begin their business on their own or find another incubator or platform to help them longer (as STING, also from KTH). I would recommend you all of you to go visiting Student Inc and their team because they are very nice and they are looking forward to listen to all your amazing ideas!   #Dreamgineering

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